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On comforts and comforters

I heard the word ‘comforter’ in connection with beds only after coming to USA. We, in India use bed sheets, bed covers and blankets too during the cold season. I have already two ‘comforters’ including an electrical one which can be connected to a power supply for use in extra chill nights. So, I questioned my son why he bought another comforter. In his usual style of using words sparingly, he said, ‘you will like it, dad’
Yes, I really liked it, on the very first night itself. It was very soft but at the same time sufficiently warm to protect me from cold. The blanket, I used during childhood , was rough, thick and heavy. Then comparatively light weight blankets arrived in shops but thinnest blanket I ever used were from America. But those are not called blankets, but comforters!’
The word comforter has originated from comfort. Many things which give us comfort need not be comfortable to others.
I don’t snore but snoring gives us comforts. Yawning gives us comfort which I do at times, especially while sleeping after a day of hard working. Flatulation or burping the accumulated intestinal gas with or without sound gives comfort to the doer and discomfort to others, like snoring and yawning.
‘Are you comfortable with the new sofa or new job?’ You can ask your friend.
But,  you can’t ask, ‘are you comfortable with your new wife/ husband?’
‘Why don’t you come to the first bench?’ I invited a friend , who had come for a meeting, where I was the main speaker.
‘Thank you,’ he replied, ‘ I’m comfortable here’
‘For smoking?’
‘No. I have a habit of releasing excess gas with a heavy sound, when you start talking,’ replied the shameless fellow.

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  1. Comfoters of USA were almost similar to Jaipur Rajai which I was very familiar in Delhi and did not appear new to me. Most of the Bangalore shops nowadays stock comforters.True , for certain questions we do not find ourselves comfortable to answer.

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