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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, I made a blunder. Don’t know how to rectify the mistake’
‘You are talking about the passport application?’
‘Yes, yes. How did you come to know?’
‘The passport officer is your FB friend. He called me and informed, ‘SP has written Ammini’s name against yours in the application. Did you oust him from his post’
‘I replied, ‘No, Sir, How can I?  He is forgetful these days and mixes up names. Ignore that application. I’m sending another one . I will deal with SP, after the passport comes’
‘After the pass port comes, will you throw me out, Ammalu?’
‘No, I won’t . I will leave you here and go to USA, alone’
‘I’m glad that you believe in old values, Ammalu’
‘Values whether old or new are to be believed and respected like husbands’
‘Wah, what a wisdom, though borrowed from me’
‘Is not giving and taking common among couple?’
‘Yes, but what do you have to give a thinker, writer and scholar like me, Ammalu?’
‘Common sense. The down to earth knowledge to lead a normal life ‘
AMmalu, when our children call, they just enquire, ‘hei, dad! How r u? Hope ur sugar is under control and your moods too. Take care dad’. That is all. Whereas, they talk with you for hours together. What is the understanding between you and my children?’
‘You start like SG Kittappa in Mayil Ravananan or Shivaji in Veerapandiya Kattapomman or N.T. Rama Rao in Patala Bhairavi.
‘Athala, vithala, Suthala, rasaathala, paathaala—–or
Matsya, koorma, varaaha, Narasimha—– style.
Instead of saying, ‘I’m fine’, you say, ‘Yaksha, kinnara, Gandharva, Nara, vaanara, Rakshasa——-can’t touch me’
I talk to them as their mother. You too talk to them as their father, not as a mythological character from your old favorite cinemas’

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