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Ammalu is always right

‘Wonder which fool said that man can have only one wife?’
‘Would like to have more for yourself?’
‘Not at all, Ammalu. But, seeing your struggling alone carrying the load of household duties, is it wrong, as a loving, dutiful husband, if I feel that it would be helpful to you to have two more hands in this house?’
‘Ok, go ahead. I know that you think about my happiness rather than yours. But, SP, let me caution you that maintaining two women is like holding two sugarcane sticks in both the hands. It is like having no hands. You can’t eat, can’t drink even water, can’t sleep ‘
‘Oh, now you are worried about me. I will manage, for your sake, for your happiness Amnalu, with another woman’
‘Very good. What a sacrifice for my sake! Tell me ten minutes in advance of your bringing your ( sorry my ) companion here, so that I can be ready to receive you both at the gate’
‘Promise me that you will be receiving her with open hands, when we enter together, my dear ‘
‘Promising is not that easy’
‘Why Amnalu, when I have your concurrence and she, your blessings?!
‘My fear is, if she too is shaky and shivering like you, I have to hold you both with my both hands to prevent your falling. How will I then be able to receive you with open hands?’
‘Disgracing me, Ammalu? My steps and looks are not sturdy?’
‘Yes, now. But won’t be, in the presence of another woman!’
‘Admitting your statement for the sake of argument, may I know madam, why should she shiver?’
‘She will, when she comes to know that Ammalu is your wife. If she doesn’t, she doesn’t belong to this planet. May be from Mars, may be from the Moon’

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