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Ammalu is always right

imageAm I the head or you or your mom, here, in this family? I want to have an answer, now, right now’
‘You and you alone, for me’
‘What does your queen mother say?’
‘She too says that you are the head and I’m the tail.’
‘Wah, what a great lady she is!’
‘She is. She asked me to keep wagging my tail horizontally’
‘Do it, who cares?’
‘She, my mother.’
‘She is afraid that you will move your head vertically to my horizontal motion and loose all your hairs. ‘So, restrict your motion,’ said my mom’
‘Ammalu, what a winter! Biting cold. I have a small temptation’
‘Please, go and sit in your library, SP. wear one more sweater’
‘You have misunderstood me, Ammalu. My temptation is only for a Kumbakonam coffee’
‘That will come there ; in the libraray’

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