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Ammalu is always right


‘You may be my wife, Ammalu, but that doesn’t mean–‘
”You may be my wife !’
I think I should to take you to Appa Iyer school and admit you in the fifth standard.
Let there be no confusion on this issue. I’m your wife, will continue to be your wife till my last breath, however bad your behavior is and—‘
‘How bad my grammar is?’
‘No. Sir. No compromise on your grammar. Writing skill is the only armor you have and I don’t want to see any dent on it’
‘Why do you bother about my writings, madam! You don’t read my stories!’
‘True. But others do. And they complain to me, if your English is substandard’
‘That is too much, Ammalu. You are disgracing my Universities’
‘Ok. Tell me, ‘am I your wife or may be I’m your wife?’
‘You ARE my wife. I repeat, you ARE my wife’
‘Thank you. Your coffee is on the table ‘
‘But why green chillies for pakoda ?’
‘Each bite will make you to say, ‘you are my wife, you are my wife’

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