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Money is not that important

‘Money is not that important,’ He told her boastfully, ‘I love you for what you are and not for what your father has’
She was excited and cooed, ‘could you buy me a pair of footwear, please?’
‘Foot wear? Ask for something costlier’
‘No, thanks. Only footwear now,’ she replied.
The footwear she chose was Rs. 1999.99.
‘Can you dial your dad please?,’ he said, trembling at the sight of the bill. ‘ I want to ask him for a small loan of Rs. 1900.00’
‘Don’t worry,’ she assured him. ‘Do you have some change with you, to return to my dad. I will ask him to get Rs. 2000.00 here’
‘How much change?,’ he enquired.
‘One paisa ,’ she replied.
I haven’t seen that young man afterwards. Let me know if you have.

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