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Ammalu is always right

‘Why do you sweat, when there is a fan right above your head and it’s switch at a reachable distance? Can’t you get up and switch it on?’
‘Me, getting up and switch on the fan? Me, the head of the family? What are you for, my royal queen?’
‘I’m here to teach you that you should bring the switch down for the power to reach the fan motor and push the switch up to stop the power flow. I am sure that you won’t ask me to tell you what is power’
‘Don’t take me for granted, arrogant Ammalu What is power?’
‘Ok. Here is the answer. I’m the power and you the ceiling fan, SP Sir’
The world, at large has recognized my greatness. When will my household realize how big a man, I’m ?’
‘By our household, if you mean this house, our house, I’m the only person other than you here and I have understood your greatness, may be not fully, but less by 1 or 2%.
But, If you have in mind any other house or houses which you considers as your household, please give me the particulars, name/ names. street and house numbers. I will checkup and let you know, why they missed to learn your greatness’
‘Don’t think I’m a fool to give you that information and get trapped, Ammalu. Unlike you, I’m intelligent, clever, shrewd’
‘Now I have understood your greatness, fully, completely, SP. Sir. And I’m relieved to learn that the household you mentioned is not this house, our house!’
‘I went all the way to tell your mom earnestly that
hadn’t she given you birth, I would have remained a bachelor’
‘I’m sure, she would have been really happy to hear that. Did she say something?’
‘Yes, she said, ‘had I known that you were to be my son in law, I would have withheld her, till you get married’
In the good old days wife used to sleep only after her husband slept. Till then, she used to sit pressing his legs. You know why?’
‘To overhear the late phone calls, he received or made’
Ammalu, are we going in different directions in life? I’m worried’
‘Don’t worry; we both are going in the same direction’
‘Which direction?’
‘My direction!’

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