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Ammalu is always right, not this time!

imageIntelligent couple sort out their differences if any, by discussion. In our case, the pity is, my intelligence is on the top in the scale and yours at the bottom, though by virtue of my influence, it has gained a few points, that too only of late’
‘Knowledge goes up. Does intelligence go up and down, like temperature or tomato cost ? ‘
‘You are talking physics, to me, a GVC Physics major ?’
‘I talked about tomato too. Does it mean that you are a Secunderabad Monda Market tomato vender ?’
‘Ammalu, you are dragging me to an unnecessary fight. I hate to enter into a debate with women, as all women are made of lesser material’
‘You are made of cost iron and we, women are made of gold and silver, less heavy materials, right?’
‘No, it is not right. Women can be never right. I repeat, I stand up and you bend down before me, always, always Ammalu’
‘Not always, always. Only when you stand erect on the platform of the body weighing scale and ask me to tell you the meter reading’
‘Ha, ha, my favorite wife, for a change I win this time! You agree to my scale theory, me on the top and you at the bottom. Jai Anjaneya! ‘

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