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Pain is not a pain!

imagePain is not a pain. It is a gain; it is a blessing. A diabetic who had to lose his toes for want of warning of the foot infection, will agree with me.
A mother who has delivered her baby through natural process, will agree with me. And that is the best form of delivering a baby. And there can’t be a bigger pain than that.
Wife is a blessing. Anyone who is lucky to have an accommodative woman as wife, will agree with me.
And I’m not comparing wife with Pain! Wife is NOT a pain, she is a gain. She is your pulmonary veins that carry oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the left side of the heart so it can be pumped to the body.
Remember, ‘Vaamae Bhoomisudha—-‘ Sita Devi was on the left side of Sri Rama!
To be frank, there was no necessity to bring the Devine couple here. You know that. I too.
‘Kheladi mama hridhaye, Sree RAmaha:’
Sree Rama plays in my heart, yes. At times Rama, at times Krishna, at times, ‘Amba, meena lochana’ and at times, Ammalu !
Why Amnalu? She was not my pain; she was my pulmonary veins carrying oxygen- rich blood.
Enjoy sleep. Sleep is not a pain, it is a bliss. Like an affectionate mom, like a caring wife, like a loving daughter when you are on a sick bed, like death, who puts us to sleep, placing us on her laps, Sleep removes our worries and relaxes our muscles and rejuvenates us, making us fit for a better tomorrow.
‘Death rejuvenates us, making us fit for a better tomorrow?’
Yes, I didn’t say that. My knowledgeable elders said.
I remember my Devine Mother, Janma mrithyu jaraa taptha-
jana, visraanthi daayini.’ What a wonderful description ! I can spent an hour musing on this and each and every epithet of both the Sahasranamas and enjoy their beauty !
Have a better tomorrow. Tomorrow is ours, if today is going or gone.

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  1. Namaskaram Sri Subramanian.
    Short and simply said!

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