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Then and now

imageYou wanted to buy tons of things then, but had no money. Now you have tons of money, but need nothing!
You wanted to sing, dance, laugh and play then, but had no time.
Now, the time, plenty of it, is under your command but no inclination, no body support.
You wanted to come home early then, take your wife for a movie, play carom with your children and kabbadi with your friends but always returned home late.
Now, you stay throughout at home, but your wife is not interested in seeing movies and children and friends are not available to spend time with you.
Your wife used to prepare and serve the best food you liked and waited for a word of appreciation from your mouth, but you didn’t even try to look at her face while enjoying every bit of the food she served you affectionately.
Now you wanted to be lavish in praising her food but she has become deaf !
You wanted to sleep, which was prepared to stay whole time with you hugging you close to her chest, but you had no time for her. You pushed her aside and rushed to your work.
Now, you long for her lavish hug for long hours but where is she? She hardly spends a few hours with you.
The deities in the shrines at your home and on the road sides towards your working place, then, were waiting for a glance from you, but your eyes never turned towards them.
Now, you are looking for them in every corner and they are all still there, but you are not able to see them in their full glory and enjoy their magnificent forms, as your eye sight has dimmed.
So, what to do ? Take a Kinnaram, pair of hand cymbals and sing,
‘Paramapada, Govinda, Madhava, Padmanabha, Janardhana,
Dharanidhara, varaGaruda vaahana, deitya Balimadhabhanjana,nija-
daasamaanasa ranjanaa!
Saranu, Saranu, Harae!’
If your people at home complain that you are creating nuisance, get up early morning, tie a cloth around your head, open the main gate without making noise and walk through the street singing and clashing the cymbals, if you are in India.
If you are in America, like me, learn the security lock code and then only open the gate. Otherwise, the bell will shriek waking up the entire colony and within five minutes, cops will be before you in two, three jeeps.
If, on receipt of a complaint from a neighbor that you are creating nuisance, the cops surround to catch you, drop the cymbals down and raise both your hands above your head. Stop singing and tell them your son’s name and door no. Don’t move.
Life, though rugged and ravaged, is still valuable, for you, as it is your life! I can only provide you hand cymbals! Payment in cash in US dollars, please.
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