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Ammalu is always right

“Ammalu, your mom promised to give me Rs. 500 .00 as dowry in five installments but paid only the first installment. Please ask her to pay the balance amount today, just now, before I get up from my bed”
“Ok. Before you get up, tell me whether she paid the amount before or after our marriage”
“Good. You can get up and pay her back the amount with interest for 50 years, 5 months and 4.9 days. She paid the amount to her son in law, as a loan for train fare and not as dowry”
“What do you mean?”
“SP Sir, dowry is paid in advance, not five decades after the marriage. You could have refused to marry me without cash down payment. You didn’t do it, as you were girl- starved.
Ok , your worth was only Rs. 500 then? How much dowry did you demand?”
“I didn’t. My benevolent father asked Rs. 50,000”
“My mom agreed for the amount?”
“No, she offered to pay Rs. 50.00”
“And your benevolent father agreed for that petty sum ?”
“No, he came down to Rs. 500.00 and your mom agreed”
“And she didn’t pay a pie, not even Rs. 50,00 and you agreed for the wedding?”
“As my benevolent father–”
“No, father here, benevolent or not. Say, yes, say no. Did you agree?”
“Sorry, Sir. You have no case. Get up and give me the loan amount with interest for
50 years, 5 months and 5 days”
“How did that 4.9 increased to 5 now?”
“You started this talk at 5.50 AM. Look at the watch. It is 6.00 now”
“The rule that one should not look at a woman other than his wife, is applicable to all husbands or only to me?”
“Only to you”
“Why, Ammalu?”
“As you are my husband”
“Unfair, madam. I’m like any other husband, a very ordinary man”
“But, I’m not like any other wife, SP. I’m very special”
“Pray, how?”
“I’m your wife!”
“I’m totally confused”
“SP, there is nothing confusing when I say I’m your wife and you are my husband.
Confusion comes only when your gaze moves left, right, up or down and away from me. I hope the matter is clear now. If you still want further clarification, I will call my mom”

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