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Tickets, all sold off

“Old people are like toddlers, innocent and freedom-loving. Agreed, son?’
“They are like kids but not as innocent, dad. Yes, all would like to have freedom, young or old”
“Thank you, my son. Even partial agreement from your generation is a boon for us”
“Appa, come on. You ask for something. What is that?”
“I want to stroll this colony wearing a lungi or dothi, bare -chested or with a towel on the shoulder”
“Sorry, not possible, dad”
“Buy a ticket for Palakkad, my son”
“No airport at Palakkad, dad!”
“Then, to the nearest one. I can walk home, wearing a lungi or mundu”
“Tickets all sold off, dad. All parents who came here like you, wanted to stroll with lungies or mundus, bare-chested or with a towel on the shoulder”

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