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Ammalu is always right

“Is there any relationship between us, other than husband- wife, Ammalu?”
“Ye, dude. You ‘r the dad of our children and me, their mom”
“Your answer is not in Indian style”
“Was your question in Indian style, dude?”
“Dude, dude! What a rude way to talk to husband! Remember, I’m your Pathideva, God, Ammalu”
“So, there is one more relationship between us. Thank you SP for answering your question yourself”
“More I try to be away from you and the family ties, more you follow me, Ammalu. Not a good thing”
“It shows that you are not moving away from me at all but only doing pradakshinam around me. Good for me, good for you”
“How is it good for me?”
“I will hold you when you slip and fall. Others won’t”
“Why should I slip and fall?”
“As you watch my face and not your steps, while rotating”
“Greedy woman! Want always me, under your grip”
“I’m your wife, SP Thaliva, leader, not your husband!”
“If that slow -motion Nair calls, tell him I’m not in the house, Ammalu”
“Sorry I won’t tell lies”
“If his wife Ammini calls tell her I’m not in the house”
“Is it not a lie?”
“No, it is truth. Lie changes to truth, on purpose”
“Ok, I have never thought of another woman in my life- lie or truth?”
“How, Ammalu?”
“Lie changes to truth, on purpose. The purpose here was to extract that stupid question from you”
“Ammalu, do you question God? No. Am I not next to God for you? Yes. Then, why do you question me? ”
“God enjoys any food I provide. If I make idli without asking you, you will question, ‘who asked you to make iddli?’ If I make dosa, you will ask, ‘don’t you know that I like iddlies ?’
From tomorrow on, I will take in writing from you whether you need iddli or dosa. I will keep a scribbling pad on your table, you write your preference every morning and escape from my questioning”
“Even God can’t do it everyday”
“You said, you are next to God. You never said that you are God”

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