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His vehicle lacked wheels, engine and power

‘Konjam Ovaltine tharavaa?’ Kindly enquired Shanthamma( that is how Ishaan calls his grandma)
Ovaltine! Where have I heard that name? I rubbed my eyes and it took a minute to go back several years to my childhood days, when my mom, used to give that drink. I never had it later. My mom perhaps, wanted me to grow tall like a mountain and strong like an elephant and chose that luxury drink for her son. My wife and me too wanted our children grow tall like a mountain and strong like an elephant but don’t know why we didn’t think about Ovaltine.
Another life guard during childhood was Lifebuoy soap, which again was never used later.
Incidentally, I have come back to my old Cheevakai powder for washing hair, completing stopping all shampoos . The meera brand is a fine herbal hair -wash powder and when applied on the hair, it gives a cool effect of chemparathi thaali, that green powder.Have you seen Cheevakai tree? image
I have. There was at the gate of my goldsmith friend, in a lane near the Vadakkantara temple.
A simple person he was, as I too was then!
Bought an old Ambassador just to keep near the front gate so that those who passed through would envy his asset.
He never drove the vehicle nor it would have moved an inch, had he wanted .
vehicles need wheels, engine and power to move, which his Ambassador lacked!

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