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Music and melody when some women walk

“Ammalu, don’t know whether you have noticed or not that there is rhythm, music, melody, poetry, beauty when some women walk”.
“No, I see only the back of their legs and not any melody or music . But, I can tell you one thing. Ammini has arthritic legs. Pattu’s problem is cervical spondylosis. Varicose veins at her calves are troubling Paru. No rhythm or Vedam in the walk of these women, I could observe, except disabilities”
“Vedam has no business to be here, except to rhyme, my hymn, though I like your talk”
“Glad that you liked at least my talk if not my walk. I might lack music in my walk but thank God, no crack in my walk or back”
“Illiteracy gets ignited by intelligent company, my life- company!”
” Better than getting excited seeing art in arthritis just because both words start with the alphabet ‘a’ . Better than seeing sangeeetham, music in Spondylosis or Vedam in varicose veins”
“Vedam’ – why again and again, my heart! !”
“Illiteracy gets ignited by intelligent company, my symphony!”

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