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Are you joking Ammalu?

“Ammalu, your mom bought me for a throwaway price, say Rupees Ten. Now, I’m worth a lac and more. Does you mother know this phenomenal increase in my value?”
“I think she does. Otherwise she wouldn’t have asked me to dispose you off to the highest bidder”
“Are you joking Ammalu?”
“I’m not. The problem is no buyer offers more than twenty to thirty percent of the original value. Should not my mom get at least 50 % of the amount she paid?”
“Are you joking, Ammalu? Am I a tradable commodity for you women?”
“SP, when my mother gave me to you in marriage, she, gave in fact, half her body and mind. When I accepted you as my husband, I gave you my entire body and mind leaving nothing for me. Since then, I am not a separate entity. I stress I’m not even a shadow of you, but you and you and you.
You don’t have mind or intelligence to understand this truth. You have thick volumes of books in your library but a very, very thin layer of human consideration, love, affection in your mind.
There is a limit for anything. I’m leaving. You live happily with your lacks of Rupees and. volumes of books. Good bye, SP Sir”
“Are you joking, Ammalu?”
“Yes, I’m, now !”
“What about that thin layer of something, you mentioned?”
“That thin layer of something too will vaporize, if I go away from you”
“Ammalu, you are a clever woman. The truth is not that. If you leave, I will be also coming with you, as you are not different from me. That won’t be a spring either for your mom or for me”
“SP, you are clever. I’m not leaving you as I’m not tired of hearing your oratory, though lie-laden and stupidity- saturated”
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