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Farewell now, Hudson!

Farewell now, River Hudson, will be back soon
only to meet you, not Sri. or Me.
Your calm beauty reminds the one who bid adieu to me for ever.
When your chill breeze whispered in my ear last night, ‘was it she?’ I thought.
No, the gods are not so kind, every weapon they used to slice and separate us.
Many weapons, many hands and many were the gods
but still she tried to cling on to me like a tender creeper.
Is there a vibration there, far there, in the water?
Foolish thoughts again, a leaf dropped from a tree.
Like a leaf she dropped, fresh and green, not dry, weary or worn out
The storm was fierce, still the selfish tree stood still, me, worst than gods
‘Who wants your eye drops, hot,?’ chides the trees now on your bank
Blood drops, not water, those are; blood, still there?
Blood, bone, tissues everything in their place; and heart too beats
though shrunk and shaken
Or are those drum beats leading to my last place of rest ?
But why rest, when the melody of her memory flows in me, like you,
Silent, like her sad eyes which closed for ever.
Between us Hudson, she was always calm and cool like you,
Hardly spoke but her silence was eloquent, again like you.
We should meet again and we will, what is that vibration, far there?
Oh, my friend, it is she among the woods, hearing our talk.
( Sri. and Me: short for Srikanth my son and Meena, his wife. They are shifting soon from the shore of the river

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