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Stray thoughts of Sivasu for the day

I don’t know whether you have observed or not every small man, however insignificant he might be in the eyes of his friends, family and society, has some admirable qualities, which will be visible only if we move closely.
There is no completely waste product in God’s creation.
If one doesn’t talk much, don’t think he doesn’t know much. He might perhaps, know much more than me and you.
But if your wife doesn’t talk much, not a good omen. She has learnt much about you.
Pet, pat or do any magic and make her talk.🍎🍓
Everyone should have some aim in life; some purpose for living. Right?
Not necessarily, if you ask me.
The one who accepts life as it rolls before him and lives happily, doing his best, without worrying much about the future, lives happily.
The one who plans life meticulously ends life, in many cases, with disappointment.
I’m not advocating for NIL planning but only making my point that planning is not everything.
No votes for me, I know.

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