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I can open a pawnshop and live happily

“Ammalu, drop the idea forever that I’m your dependent. I can open a pan shop and live happily here. You can go and stay with your children luxuriously”
“I want to stay with you only but luxuriously”
“Then, I should open a jewelry shop for which your mother should finance”
“Wonder why should She, SP, fifty long years after our marriage? In her old age, you should take care of her, as you promised before she agreed to our wedding”
“Did I ever give such a promise? Don’t remember anything that happened before or after our wedding. Don’t even remember why I married you”
“Then, open a pan shop and live happily alone. I’m going to my children”
“Your children? Saiba, from where did you bring them? Plucked from trees or fished out of sea? Without me, could you have imagined to acquire those assets and claim as your own?”
“So, you do remember why you married me. Thank you, SP garu”

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