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“Excuse me Sir. Could you tell me whose mobile number this is?”
“My grand father’s.! Why do you bother me, man? Do I have a phone directory with me?”
“I just wanted to know whether this is your wife’s phone number?”
“If so what?”
“I wanted to know whether she lost her mobile and if so, has she lodged a complaint?”
“Show me the number. OMG, this is my phone number. I lost my mobile a couple of days before”
“How Sir?’
“While scaling the Mount Everest!”
“Don’t know why you angry. Mobile phones are not allowed in mountain expeditions. They would have allowed you as a special case, to call for help. One last question, Sir, anyway. Have you lodged a police complaint?”
“No and will never. I have better work to do”
“Thank you, Sir. That was all what I wanted to know”
“Why, you got my phone?’
“Yes sir!”
“You scoundrel! From where did you get it?”
“From the Mount Everest”

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