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Mahamuni from the Mountain speaks

Hear this, from an experienced:
If you want to attract a girl, never lose your individuality, pride as a male , don’t bend your head, don’t massage your palms, in submission in advance.
A woman wants a man as a partner. Remain as a man!
Stand erect, look at her eyes and speak.
Don’t look on the ground below.
She will be yours!
If someone steps backward, when you move forward again again, don’t be after that person and waist your valuable time and whatever prestige is left- especially if that person is a ‘she’ and you a ‘he’. He,he,heπŸŽƒ
I opened my eyes suddenly just out of my short nap after lunch and saw my wife gazing at me. “What happened?” I asked her.
“With so much mischief in your inner store room, how innocently you sleep like a child!” She wondered.
I heard first only the last part clearly and was immensely happy that she said I was innocent like a child. Closed my eyes and instantly recalled the first part of her comment too – ‘ with so much mischief in your inner store room!’
Opened my eyes widely to thrash her. She had gone!
Moral : when your wife says something, while you are awake or in sleep, hear the whole, not a part of it.
“Spending time on cycling, swimming and story writing! No plan to go up, SP Sir?”
“I’m happy here”
“Let me put in simpler words. What good karmas do you perform to go to swargam?”
“Oh, plenty. Don’t worry about that”
“Poojas, homams, namasamkeerthanams —. ?”
“I wash daily three kitchen vessels of Ammalu or press and fold two shirts of mine or fold my bed in the morning and open the doors and windows”
“Are you mad? Such petty services to your wife will open the doors of Swargam for you?”
“Certainly. When the woman, who served you throughout her life, raised your children, waited for you in empty stomach till you return home late, realizes that you care for her when her limbs fail to cooperate will slowly raise her head and thank the Heavens. Those looks from her dim eyes, the sighs of satisfaction from her heart will bank the doors of Swargam for me and allow me a free pass through.
It is not the vessels you clean or the shirts you press that matter for her, but the simple feeling that you care her when she needs it”
“I have never read such a maargam, way for the Swargam. From where did you learn this lesson, Guruji?”
“From the Mountains. That is why I’m called the Mahamuni from the Mountains”
“Did your son clear the IAS competitive exam?”
“No, he didn’t”
“Abba! What a relief !”
“My son’s failure is a relief for you, how?”
“My son too failed”
“Is there light in your house?”
“Thank you. I will tell my wife. She is making a big fuss”
On other hand, if he replies, ‘yes, there is’ and asks, ‘ why you don’t have in your house?”
Finished. Your wife will make a ‘podiarisi’ broken rice of you.
This is not a joke. You too would have experienced.
Neighbor’s tooth pain, reduces our tooth pain! Don’t ask me how!
Mahamuni from the Mountains

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