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A wife should know that

“Wonder wether you have installed a remote Camera Monitoring System in my bath room!”
“No. Why in your bath room?”
“In other places you have installed?”
“Why should I? Am I your wife or a spy?”
“Then, how do I hear your instructions such as:
‘Water has not reached your central back;
soap -patch is still there below your chin;
enough, dry your hair; put back the towel on the rack, not in a corner –
– it goes on like this”
“Oh, that was my recorded voice from the instrument kept near the bathroom door”
“But why?”
“To ensure that you bath well.  I have no time to give you a bath”
“I appreciate your keenness in my comforts .But would like to remind you that I am neither a baby nor your pet dog to get a body wash from you. Tell me please, how did you synchronize the instructions so accurately with my actions and omissions in the bath room?”
“Oh, that was simple. The first ten minutes allowed for singing. Then, the machine switched on automatically. The rest was pure guess”
“Pure guess! You could accurately guess on which part of my body I pored water first, where I applied soap and where I didn’t ! Ammalu or you a yogi or an ordinary woman?”
“Not a yogi, not an ordinary woman. I’m a wife!. If I can accurately read the movement of thoughts in your mind, can’t I guess what you do away from me?”
“Does it mean that you know my movements outside the house, where I go to, to whom I talk, what I talk etc?”
” SP, a wife should know that. Otherwise she is in trouble”

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