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Wah, amazing has a lot of meaning

Facebook friends.
“Why are you yelling at our son, Ammalu?”
“He liked a picture of a girl in the Facebook and commented,’Wah, Amazing! What a picture! What a pose!’.
A gentleman is waiting in our drawing room to meet him and ask for explanation but he refuses to meet the visitor. ‘Wah, amazing’ is meaningless in the FB language he says”
“Then, why don’t you explain to the gentleman and send him out?”
“I did, but the problem is that the picture was that of his wife!”
“The situation is serious then. He wants to get rid of his wife. Glad that my son refused to meet him”
“I am afraid the gentleman may not disperse, even after our son meets him”
“He liked my picture in the Facebook and also commended, ‘Wah, amazing'”
“He is not a gentleman, then. He is a liar. How can anyone like your picture? He is a thug. He has come to scoop you. Get my stick. I will deal with him”
“But he is my FB friend!”
“Throw away your Facebook. Who asked you to open a FB account?”
“I did that to catch you. And I’m glad that I have caught you red handed”
“You have caught me, how?”
“Our son says that he doesn’t have a FB account and you are operating a pseudo account in his name. I have now a list of all your ‘wah, amazing’ women friends”
“‘Wah, amazing’ has no value in the Facebook terminology, Ammalu.. I have only
one ‘Wah, amazing’ woman and that is you”
“Wah, amazing! -lot of meaning, for me”

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