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Again that doubt

“Considering various aspects, I have reconciled to the fact that we are a married couple”
“Oh, you wasted your time, energy and sleep to come to the conclusion? I would have settled the issue in one minute”
“How, Ammalu?”
“I would have shown your letter to my mother, confirming that you were married to me, the previous day”
“I never wrote such a letter”
“You didn’t. I wrote under your forged signature”
“You forged my signature on the very next day of our marriage?”
“I had to SP. Your behavior on the first day warned me that unless I took such a drastic step, you would get the doubt whether I’m your wife or not, one day or other.
I was right. You got that doubt after fifty years!”
“Are you my wife or a knife for my throat?’
“You get that doubt again. Shall I get that letter from mom?”
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