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Ammalu is always right

“I can stand the rains from the dark sky, not the flow from your blue eyes, Ammalu”
“My eyes are not blue, my eyes may generate fire at time, at you but never water.
And SP GAru, there is neither fire nor rain in your poetry”
“Honesty. What Ammalu? Honesty. I’m that in physical form”
“I’m aware”
“If you are aware, go and tell everyone. Your mom, my friends, your friends”
“Sorry, I can’t do that. I can’t tell a lie. Truth. What SP? Truth. I’m that in physical form”
“You should be proud that I’m your husband and all your friends respect me”
“I’m proud that you are my husband”
“And about your friends’ respect for me?”
“That comes next. Do I respect you? The answer is already in the first part-. ‘I’m proud'”
“Why don’t you be liberal with your praises for me?”
“You are my husband”
“You have become stingy now, with your words”
“No, I have said all about you”
“Ammalu, you know who I’m for the world outside?”
“I know only one world and there are only two people in that. You and me and you are mine. I’m nether aware of any other world nor interested too”
“Ammalu, a woman should have only one husband but a man can have twenty wives”
“Have forty, who question you ? But tell a word to my mom”
“If I can talk to her, do you think I would have mentioned to you?”
“Then keep quiet and sit on this Sevai machine. I have no strength to press it”
“I too have no strength, Ammalu”
“And you want to have twenty women!”
“Oh, the gem among women, Ammalu, are you going to become mother again?”
“Not me, our sons and daughter. Will they pet their own babies or our babies?”
‘Did you say babies?”
“Yes, if it happens to be twins”
“You are liberal not only in words, but in thoughts too. I love you for that”
“Thank you. Love’s application is limited”
“Yes, for the time being!”
“Man lives on hopes”
“And woman too?”
“Yes, woman too”
“An yellow robe and some little cash, please”
“Ammalu, ask for anything as my advance gift for the New Year”
“Why this unprecedented gesture?”
“Just like that. Want to be liberal why welcoming 2015”
“I know how liberal you could go. Get me one pack of Injimittai – ginger candy”
“How much does it cost ?”
“Ammalu, the Government central or State is likely to issue a postal stamp recognizing my contribution to the society. I can recommend your head too, to be included in the stamp, if you improve the quality of your service to me”
“An authority bigger than Central and State, has already issued a stamp carrying my head and foolishly I stuck it to the wall of your heart. The old- time glue was so strong, that I’m unable remove my head despite many efforts. One stamp is too many, NSP”
“NSP? Why that prefix ‘N’?”
“No Stamp Please”
“Ammalu, suggest a New Year Promise, a really hard one. Right now, here in your presence, I will take oath and announce my decision”
“Speak truth. A really hard one for you”
“No problem. Get an aspirin tablet please. Severe head ache. I need rest”
“Really severe?”
“Yes. get a Masal dosa and four iddlies please too. Of course, a cup of hot coffee will help to reduce the head pain”
“Hungry too ?”
“Terribly hungry”
” excellent. Your New Year Promise has started working. Congrats”
“I’m yet to take the oath! You’re lying Ammalu”
“No, I’m not. I too have a New Year Promise”
“Speak truth”
“I thought your mom would visit us with a solid gift for the New year”
“She has sent it in a bullock cart. It should reach us now. She will meet you later”
“Really? She is my best mother in law. Let us give her a solid welcome for coming with a solid gift”
” yes, you too keep four solid men for unloading the load and take it to our back yard?”
“Why to backyard, Ammalu? The bundle could be old coins, silver and brass vessels . She might be having some copper vessels too”
“No, it is a granite wet grinder she inherited from her mother and an iron pounding unit, both with equally strong pestles”
“Mad woman ! Who wants those? I will return, through the same cart”
“You can do that, by paying to and fro cartage and loading and unloading charge, about 1200 Rs”
“What gift is this, Ammalu?”
“Solicited Solid gift”
“Ammalu, tell your mom, that SP didn’t become a big man because I married her daughter”
“She never said that. You are misinformed. To my knowledgejan, she said, ‘SP became a moderately refined man after he married Ammalu'”
Jan 5, 2015

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