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imageChallenges are there everywhere, for every one, human, animal, bird or insect. In every walk of life. On the land, in the water or from the space,
One has to be always prepared to accept challenges. That doesn’t mean, you should screw up your mustache, stand at the front gate, with a big knife to strike the enemy when he attacks.
It means, first, have knowledge of general nature and sound knowledge on the subject you are dealing with. This is to ensure that ignorance should not be the cause of your failure.
Then comes courage. Knowledge can be bought, acquired, but not courage. You have to develop it within yourself, to help which, knowledge can be one of your tools. Failures can be another tool, if used efficiently. Belief in God or Destiny could also be a tool, if not misused.
Then comes the most important part. Think cool, analyze the problems, arrive at a decision. Use any tool, books, friends, intelligence, experience, anything, but your cool mind, your decision and sir, your Fate will guide you to find a solution,
You are the king, if you have come over the problems. If you have not, use all the tools and be prepared to face the next problem. If you lose heart and sit in a corner, you are creating a problem for that corner. It will

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