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Love by love

Paying back love by love
“Your face is familiar. Aren’t you Kuppuswamy’s daughter? We call him Kuppu”
“No, uncle. I’m Appuswamy’s wife, I call him Up”
“My son’s name too is that. But, we don’t call him Up”
“He is never up from bed before noon, right?”
“Right. How do you know?”
“I told you that he is my hubby. If not wife, who else will know hubby’s wake up time, unless he sleeps in another woman’s house?”
“To my son, to my own son, you are married?”
“Yes uncle. I told you that already”
“Don’t say that you are my daughter in law”
”I won’t. Option yours to designate your son’s wife”
“Stop talking nonsense”
“To have a son is a nonsense, uncle?”
“Talking about My son?”
“No. My son; from your son”
“Absolutely unacceptable”
‘Why uncle? He is not a man?”
“He is. But, he didn’t take my permission to marry you?”
“One needs permission to select his woman? Did your Krishna or Arjuna took permission ?”
“I sweated to make him what he is today”
“Fix the reward. I will give a cheque right now ”
“Repaying love by cash?”
“Ok. We will repay love by love. Please come home and take charge of our baby till we return from our pleasure trip”
“Let me ask my son’s mom”
“Your wife? You need permission from your wife to meet your grandson? The old lady is already there”
“She didn’t take my permission”
“She is your son’s mom, uncle”
“Yes, you said it. I’m proud of her”
“I know, you are. Let us go”

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