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Aswagantharishtam, last dose

“Ammalu, come closer; the walls have ears”
“That is a news. The walls were duff yesterday when you yelled at me”
“You were dumb, yesterday. Now you have become eloquent. The walls have gone deaf today. Things change, you see.
Hear this. A rich lady became old and–”
“That is news again- rich ladies too, turn old ? Continue; waiting to hear your story”
“This is between we, two. She has plenty of money and a pretty daughter”
“It is not between we, two. There are four people now in the picture and plenty of money”
“Yes, the old lady wants to hand over her money and daughter, both to me”
“That is again another news. Never heard of any old ladies interested in handing over their money, though not unheard of their handing over their daughters to oldies like you. But that was long ago, when daughters didn’t know karate”
“Shall I show you the written commitment from her?”
“No need. I trust your words. Does the old lady knows you well, your past, present, your name, your fame?”
“Yes, she does”
“And she wants to hand over her money and daughter to you?”
“Yes, yes”
“Money is plenty and the girl is pretty?”
“Yes, yes, yes”
“No going back?”
“No, no, no. She is bent upon doing it having convinced of my honesty. What do I do?”
“If she is bent upon doing it, I have no say.
Accept both. Deposit the money in my account. Send the daughter to a good school.
When the time comes, we will perform her marriage. The balance amount, we will hand over to her”
“The money and the girl given to me belong to me and for my use”
“Then do one thing. I will give a small money now. Buy a bottle of AswagandhArishtam, from the nearest Kottakal AryavaudyasAlA shop.
After dinner for seven nights, face east and pour a teaspoon- full of that dark liquid into your mouth, without it touching your tongue. On the eighth day morning, you will getup as an young man of twenty or twenty one at the most, possessing the energy and speed of a race horse.
Go straight to that rich old lady’s house, collect the money and girl and bring home. Hand over the money to me and you keep the girl with you”
“If the girl knows karate?”
“Enjoy the company of Apsara girls, high up. We both will enjoy the money, down here, in the Earth”
“If the rich old lady comes and asks for her assets back?”
“I will hand over the remaining Aswagantharishtam to her. She will acquire the strength of a race horse in seven days when I will give back her assets and we three will live happily”
“Old lady, you were a nice woman a week ago; now you have turned into an animal”
“AswagandhArishtam, last dose!”

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