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“Ammalu, your mom is very fond of me. I should be more friendly with her, now on”
“What happened?”
“When some one asked her how good I’m as a son in law she replied, it seems, ‘extremely good. Had I known that he is such a nice gentleman, I would have born another twenty six daughters and given him all of them, in marriage. I think Dakshaprajapathy did that’. What a kind lady!”
“In a way, it was good that she didn’t do that. The Moon had the whole sky to house his wives and still they quarreled. What will we do in a two bedroom – house?”
“Ammalu, with your own sisters, you will quarrel?”
“With my co- wives. Even if there is only another one, I will chop of her head”
“I’m what I’m today, not because of you Ammalu. My parents, my education, my experience, my expertise, my intelligence, my contacts, so many, so many factors are responsible for my being what I’m today. Have no doubt on this issue ”
“I have no dispute at all. My role has been minimum. To make you food, feed you, to wash your cloths, cloth you, to make your bed, to put you to sleep, to protect your money. Oh, I forgot. One more small duty. Gave you children and brought them up.
That is all”
“Very good. So, you agree with me. Tell your mom”
“She knows almost all, except perhaps putting you to sleep”
“Ammalu ask me any question on Veda, Vedantha, Puranas, Ancient history, Modern history, Shakespeare, Shelly, nosediving of Sensex yesterday- on any subject”
“When the pressure cooker starts whistling will you increase the flame or decrease?”
“Increase, of course. And wait there for the whistle to stop”
“There you go! And with that every thing, you, me and your Vedam to Sensex everything goes!”
“Ammalu, a saint who descended from the Himalayas looked at my face and said ‘there is an aura of divine light around your face’ . Did you notice it?”
“I didn’t till now. Shall gaze at you more intensely. But, one expect an aura of light around a saint from the hills and not around you”
“The saint also said that I had adivine connection. Did my mother ever mentioned to you?”
“The only connection she mentioned was with your father and to the best of my knowledge he was not a Deva”
“Then, Ammalu, from where did that aura appear. What could be the source?’
“Did the saint demand any money ? How much did you pay?”
“Not much. A few hundreds for the train fare, to go back to the hills”
“So, that was the source. I would have used that money for house expenses”
“But what about my aura ?”
“Aura has gone with the saint to the hills. It will automatically appear if I starve you for a day. No food today”
“Give me your frank opinion, Ammalu. Would I have been happier, had I not married you?”
“No chance”
“For being happy without you?”
“No chance for your not marrying me, as my mom would have blackmailed you
with the letters you wrote mistaking her, for me”
“What a fool I was, Ammalu. How did I commit that blunder?”
“Because, you didn’t raise your head on the day you met me, for the first time. You were all the time looking at the plate if snacks”
“True. I saw only the saris”
“Even now, you see only saris and that is how I’m here, despite all your boastful imaginary flirting with your old friends”

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