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human sympathy floods

“God is merciless”
“What happened? Why this sudden curse upon God? A few minutes ago, you praised Him as Ocean of Compassion!”
“Our Sambhu Sir passed away”
“That old man, in your opposite house? A few minutes ago, you blamed him for all your ills. By death, he acquired ‘our Sambhu’ status from you?”
“SP, respect the dead. Shed a tear drop for a good man”
“I don’t believe in respecting some one just because he is no more. I have the same respect for him which I had when he was alive. But let me tell you, I’m not sad on his death. In fact I’m happy that he is relieved of his year- long agony”
“Happy on someone’s death. Cruel man!”
“He was 85, ailing for an year from an incurable disease, his return to normalcy was ruled out. What is there to mourn about his death?”
“You could at least feel sorry”
“Feel sorry for what ? For his not returning and continuing to struggle?”
“That only shows the basic human sympathy has completely dried in your heart. Inhuman you are”
“Anyway, I don’t want to stay in your company any more. You pay the hospital dues, collect the body and arrange for cremation. I’m leaving”
“Wah, what a man you are, with springs of human sympathy flooding your heart!”

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