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Achievements not one or two

“Tell me, in short, your one achievement in life, SP”
“In yesterday’s pooja I could sit flat in SukhAsan for nearly two hours and do nearly twenty sashtAnga namskArams. I have said two, though you asked for only one.”
“Foo! You call those achievements ? I thought you would say,
‘I constructed a house, educated my children, was never afraid of my wife, wrote a book, uploaded songs in the Youtube, I could recite 20 hymns by heart etc, etc'”
“I have done all those. Anyone else too could have done all those. But, many of my age can’t even bend their knees, leave away sitting on the floor for an hour. And, hopefully, this achievement is going to help me in the long run better than my house or my song or my novel”
“Long Run! How long, you expect to run”
“As long as my leg runs. As long as my heart doesn’t beat erratically.”
“That is fine. Let me come back to the point of discussion. I agree your property or poetry will not help you in preventing decay of your bones and muscles. But singing Hymns praising God will help”
“I don’t sing to praise any person, including God”
“Person? God is a person for you?”
“For you! Didnt you say I should sing to please God? If God can be pleased by praising, he should be only a person. Not the Supreme Reality, who is beyond Time, beyond Space”
“A Peculiar man, you are!”
“True. That is my another achievement. Ok. Let us come back to the topic of discussion. Can you, in biting cold, wait for the school bus, as I did this afternoon, as Megh could not make it due to traffic jam?”
“I can’t as I’m allergic to cold”
“Have you ever exposed your body to cold weather? If no, how did you find out about the cold allergy!”
“My wife said”
“Is she a diagnostician?”
“No, she is my wife”
“She is undoubtedly a wonderful woman!”
“Wah, how could you asses her so accurately, SP?”
“That is my another achievement. Shall we revert to the point of discussion?”
“What is there to discuss further? Your achievements are not one or two”

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