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Bend and thrive

Two years ago, I attended a wedding. The boy, a NRI, asked for a chair, as he could not sit flat on the floor, for the ceremony. It was not that he didn’t want to, but his knees were not cooperating. The girl’s father, an orthodox old man like me, didn’t want to sit on a chair to perform the kanyAdAnam.
“It is against the Sastras” He said. The moment he used the word, Sastras”, friends like me raised our head.
“Come what may, don’t budge an inch from your stand” I yelled. My voice is ideal for such purposes.
The boy stared at me and threatened,”I can’t bend my legs but am capable of bending my hands and fingers”
He raised his fist against me in a threatening manner.
I was excited. Here is a computer-savvy, who can fold his fingers to form a fist.
“Awesome!” I screamed.
“Don’t miss this boy. Sit on a chair or a table or even on a ladder if necessary, but give your daughter to him in marriage”. My voice, reverberated in the marriage hall and the Vaadhyar, purohit asked me to join his group.
The boy was happy. The girl was happy. The wedding took place in a grand manner and the couple lived happily ever after.
Good friends like me may not be always available in the wedding halls. I would,therefore, urge my bachelor friends, in their own interest, practice folding your hands, legs, neck, hip every part of the body. Sit on the floor and eat. Oldies like me should definitely do that. You may argue,”Why should we? We are not going to get a chance to sit on the floor as a bride groom!”
You may not. But there are other places where sitting might be essential. I need not mention such occasions.
Body flexibility is absolutely essential for young and old. Flexibility of mind too helps on several occasions. In the workplace, at home, in business relationship, in your relationship with your children too.
So, friends, bend your limbs and joints.
But beware of those who twist their words and bend to serve the wrong.
Wish you a happy bending session, not only for this day, but for every day.
Bend and thrive.

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  1. Wonderfully written!
    Thanks for the great advice-should be followed by persons who value health and wisdom.

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