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A precious addition to the Perinkulam family

fantastic day today!
Delighted to meet Shreya Ratna Perinkulam, who landed just this dawn to join Perinkulam family. She is my sixth grand child, third grand daughter .
Shreya, lying on her father’s lap, looked charming, healthy and quite cheerful Atchu was elegantly holding his first child in his arms. From where did my quite, unassuming, soft spoken son learn this art?
I thought he is still a child for me. I was wrong. He has become a father!
Was very sad to see Anja, baby’s mom, lying like a honey comb after its honey was extracted to the last drop, after smoking the whole tree and disturbing the entire system. Looking at my sad face, my sister, who was with me, consoled:
“This is the normal state of any mother, soon after delivering her baby, by her own efforts, where she had to strain every nerve, every blood vessel, every muscle, every inch of her body” then she added, “Ratna Manni ( my wife) too did undergo such agony”. She smiled. I didn’t.
I looked up and told my wife, “your efforts haven’t gone waste. Both your children have added your name to their daughters’ name. You deserve it. Your name continue to live”

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