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Ammalu is always right

When is your next visit to your mom’s house, Ammalu?”
“Whenever you are at home for about 2/3 hrs. so that I don’t need to lock the house”
“In between, I might get an urgent call and leave. Better have a duplicate key always with you”
“No need. I have remote sensor in my cell phone, to keep a watch on your movement”
“Ammalu, a husband is not a husband unless he occupies the driver’s seat”
“Yes, seat he occupies. She drives”
“Ammalu, which is the best place for the husband and wife to spend together on their birthdays, bedroom, cinema hall, among their children, in wife’s natal home or in a temple?”
“None of the above. In the kitchen!
The husband cuts vegetables, opening up his heart and tells her his bachelorhood adventures. She doesn’t hear a word of what he said but overwhelmed by his affection and compassion in helping her in her chorus and looks at his hand’s movement praying that the knife should not cut and bleed his inexperienced hand”
“Why don’t we go for a movie, Ammalu? I want to buy pop corn for you during the interval, to celebrate my birthday?”
“You super stingy SP ! Why don’t you buy me a silk sari from the Chettiar shop across the street, during the interval?”
“I offered to buy you pop corn to watch the fun of the corn popping with a ‘thud’ sound”
“That makes sense. Let us go picture and pop corn today. Sari and star hotel food tomorrow”
“Every old man has to pay for his weakness”☺️
“Don’t mention my actual age to our friends, Ammalu. Tell them, I’m only 48”
“If they ask my age?’
“70, 80- whatever you like”
“Then, they will say that you married your mother in law and not her daughter”
“OMG, one more mother in law! Even one is too many. Give my age correctly”
“I have all admirable attributes, but you receive all accolades. How Ammalu?”
“Because I’m your biggest attribute”
“If that is really so, don’t tell your mom. The old lady’s pride will blow like a balloon”
“Your pride should blow like a balloon, not my mom’s”
“That is not my attribute, Ammalu”
“One more reason for not receiving any accolades”
“You allow me neither to drive through the highway nor squeeze in through the narrow lane!”
“That is the attribute all wives!”

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