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Ammalu is always right

“Why don’t we go round the park opposite to our house, holding hand in hand, on a moonlit night, to celebrate our living together peacefully, joyfully, lawfully, for fifty long years, Ammalu?”
“I’m still filled, thrilled, shrilled with the excitement of your first holding my hand, to go round the sacred fire, to mount the stone for your decorating my toes with rings and showing me the Star Arundathy. Don’t do any stupid things now and spoil my memory still fresh like a lovely forest stream .
“Go wherever you want to, you need not tell me the destination or when you will be back home. But don’t disturb me by calling every five minutes to enquire whether food is ready. If it is ready, I will inform you”
“How, when you don’t know my whereabouts?”
“Whether her husband is near or far, a wife has the God – given intuition to know his movements. You call it an animal instinct, but she has that”
“Had I known this earlier, I would have been more cautious”
“It is OK: now be cautious. Go and come back soon”
“No, Ammalu. I’m not going”
“Ammalu, Durga Ma appeared in my dream and exhorted, ‘SP, worship Ammalu. She is your goddess, not me'”
“I believe your words but wonder how the Divine mother managed to enter your brain clearing all the cobwebs!”

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