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Navarathri musing

Full nine days and nine eights, at our disposal, to divert at least a portion of the day or night towards the Ultimate Reality, now we call that Supreme Force or Power as Mahatripurasundari or in short, Amba, still shorter Mother, further shorter Ma, a familiar alphabet.
Such intervals, call it tea time, if you like, are earmarked not only to unwind our minds from the routine life, but also to turn our eyes towards inside and muse upon us, our life, we have already walked through.
Who am I ? How did I reach so far in my walk all through these years? Was it exclusively my intelligence, education, ability that brought me to this stage or was there an unknown hand, which guided me at least on certain occasions and made me to cross the deep trenches and tall hills? How did some lapses occur despite all my best abilities and efforts? Those shouldn’t have happened, but did happen, though I had no role. Who have made that to happen?
Such train of thoughts, which don’t occur during our busy days, if allowed to developed during the auspicious days, or any other days, there is a possibility of our
mind getting cleaner, lighter. Such minds open doors for positive thoughts and once mind start thinking positively, days ahead would be brighter. There will be only Deepavali in our mind.
I used to wonder on Deepavali nights, how great it would be if all the homes in my town, all the homes all over my country, every home in every country, is always as bright as it looks now! While hearing the crackers which burst with big noise for a short while and then become silent leaving behind only burnt, charred paper pieces and ash I ask myself is not my life like this? Make some noise, become silent and turn into ash?
Yes, that exactly was my suggestion that we should try to utilize such short intervals like Navarathry, to look within us and if possible also look up at the sky at that Supreme Reality, MA, in the shortest form and thank Her for giving us life, and tell Her, yes, I’ll live a worthy life. Will never bring you a bad name, because you are my MA.
Once that link between mom and child is revived, mind becomes light like a feather.
Enjoy in the Divine Mother.

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