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Ammalu is always right

“No, this won’t last long – your enslaving me for ever, by chaining me to your shaky arm chair, Ammalu. If I send a post card, my children will bring a Pushpak vimAnam and fly me to America”
“Post card? Why not call them? They have provided you a free telephone”
“Am I a fool to do that? They will say, ‘dad, be there obeying what Amma says. For a change , you can go for a movie . Mom will give you money”
“Ammalu, uproot and discard the notion firmly rooted in your mind that I’m surviving because of you, now, right now. Without you, I can eat, I can dress up, I can dress my hairs, I can button my shirt, I can lace my shoes and walk erect, keeping my head high. Remember that. And pass on this message, to the old lady in your natal house too”
“I shall. Before I go to my mom, let me clean the coffee stain from your shirt and remove the rice sticking to your lip”
“Ammalu, you want to ask me something. Don’t be afraid. Come on, be free. I’m not a Rakshas or predator, to eat you. I’m a normal good husband. What is your doubt? What is that you want to know about me? What is that you expect from me?”
” I want to know will you ever become a normal good husband?”
“Ammalu, half my properties I’ll pass on to you, if you——”
“Wait a minute, please. Tell me how many halves can you create out of one?”
“Why? Only two halves”
“I doubt. You have already promised half of your properties to eight women friends of yours”
“There is a music when Ammini walks, though I’m unable to identify the tune”
“I can help you . MalayamArutham”
“Wind from a hill top. Yes, it is”
“No, wind that moves a mountain”
“Ammalu, you are unkind to your friend”
“SP Sir, her pAvAda nAda, (string of the under garment) got loose. The poor thing was struggling to keep the inner wear in position, which called for some movements of the lower parts. Your mind goes musical about anything connected to any woman”
“Any woman? Is Ammini any woman for you?”
“Unless She is your woman . Then the scenario changes”
“Stupids always talk stupidly”
“Scholars too, at times”
“Ammalu, my BP us shooting up”
“Here is a message to bring down your BP, SP. I just received a call from Ammini. She has safely reached home with her PAvAda in its place”
“Am I here to discuss about the update of the under garment status of any woman, you silly woman?”
“Hip, hip, hurray! Thank you my loving hubby. You said Ammini is ‘any woman'”
Cine stars like Padukone and Pather Panchali were waiting to marry me, but I chose you to do you a favor. Better you remember this always, Ammalu”
“I shall, if my memory continues to be steady as it is now”
“How do you say it is steady now?”
“As, I well remember that Padukone was not born when you married me to do me a favor and Pather Panchali was not the name of a girl but a movie”
“I love you because you never obeyed me, Ammalu”
“Had I been obeying you?”
“We both would have gone to dogs”l

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