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Ammalu is always right

“BrahmAnanda Saraswathy from Rishikesh, is staying in local Mutt. He is asking for an appointment”
“From me?”
“Which Swamy will seek an appointment from you, Ammalu?. Are you a saint or a scholar like me?”
“No. If he were thrown away by his Saraswathy, he might need my help”
“Silly woman! He is not thrown away. He us only away from Saraswathy. That is why that ‘BrahmAnandam”.
“If he is a man with no Sarswathy, why seek appoint from a scholar like you?”
“Ammalu, you are an expert in playing with words”
“So, I’m a scholar. Swamiji wanted to meet with me and not you”
“Do a favor please. Hand over to your mom, this a/c two tier ticket to Varanasi, fifty Rupees cash for travel expenses and eight Anna’s extra”
“You have become a spend -thrift. Why eight Anna’s extra?”
“For buying a post card to inform us the moment she reaches there”
“But mom is planning to go to Kalpathy and not to Kasi”
“Kalpathy is not even half the distance to KAsi. She can use the same ticket as it is within the distance limit”
“I see your point. Do one thing. Buy one more ticket to anywhere in India, for me to accompany my mom. We both will dip our bodies in a holy river, to wash of my blunder in choosing you as my
husband ”
“Ammalu. Be truthful. It was I who chose you as my wife”
“Then, keep that single ticket with you and take a dip in any holy waters and thank God, who gave you the inspiration and intellect for choosing me as your wife”
” I’m under your wrench  like grip and nobody can take me away from you. That is how I’m able to sleep sound, Ammalu”
“My grip is becoming loose, of late. But don’t worry, I get up once or twice at night to make sure that your bed is not vacant”
“Oh,what a wife!”
“Oh,what a husband!”
“I have to be away from home for a day or two on some urgent work. Worried how you will manage the house, Ammalu”
“If you are not in the house, what is there to manage?”

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