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Ammalu is always right

“Some friends ask me, “SP, why are you after Ammalu, even at this age?”
“Do one thing. When we go out together, I will walk behind you”
“Despite my being daily after you for learning some English, you haven’t learned even the basics”
“Tell them that. You are after me to teach ‘some’ English”
“You have mastered that language and I need not be after you, Ammalu”
“All my friends liked my Onam sari gift, Ammalu”
“Yes, they did and showed me the saris too. You gave them all only sari each and for me, two. Why”
“Don’t expose your stupidity to me and don’t take me to be a fool. Had I had bought only one sari to you too, there would have been only Onam fireworks here and not Onam feast. I like feast, especially the one made by my mother in law”
“How did you find out that she is here and she cooked the food?”
“Again a stupid question and a stupid assessment of my brains. I bought two saris for her too!”
“You are no doubt, a Mahabali!”
“Don’t stamp on my head. I’m not an annual visitor here”
“I want you to be with me always. Not for Onam alone. But gift two saris for every Onam”
“I enjoyed your company for fifty years and for that I’m grateful to that God treading the earth, (treading firmly), your mom, who provided me that opportunity. Now, can I have a boon from you? I want to be away from your eyes’ reach for just five days. Hope you won’t have any objection”
“Sorry, I can’t . Soon after you uttered a few words to her, during your first meet, the God, treading the earth( treading firmly), ordered, ” keep him always under your eyes’ reach”
“A real God she is! She didn’t order you to keep me always under your arm pit!”
“God has eyes every were. She had seen you slipping from your mom’s armpit even before she taught you toddling and treading the earth ( treading firmly)
“So, who is the real God Ammalu, me or your mom?”
“That exactly is my predicament. And it is me who deserves to be away from the eyes’ reach of you both”

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