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Sweet dreams, similar backs and scary scars

“Sweet dreams” Ammalu wished from the kitchen.
“Sweet dreams”, her mom wished from her bed room.
The dream, I had was really ‘sweet’ – one  woman going through my personal diary and the other my bank account.
“Did you tell the lady who came this morning to our house that, from back, she looks like me?”
“Yes, I did. What is wrong in it?”
“My back is not like hers”
“How do you know that? You have eyes behind your head too?”
“I’ve eyes all over my body to keep a watch over you. Next, why did you look at her back?”
“Ammalu, unlike you, I’m provided with only two eyes. So, I have to look either at back or at the front. I chose back for obvious reason”
“That lady didn’t appreciate your action. She complained to me”
“Wonder how women behave! To me she said, “thank you sir, for keeping a watch at my back”
“There are three holes in the vessels your mom gave as a wedding gift, Ammalu. I just finished counting ”
“Fifty years have passed by. Still counting the holes in the vessels? Count the holes in your character, my beloved hubby”
“You are doing that job everyday, my chubby .
And that too exceedingly well”
I remember having seen a hole on the back of  your head at the time of our weddings. What happened to that,  Ammalu?”
“I didn’t see, as it was at my back and not at the front. But my mom told me that the  blank space got filled up with your wisdom, soon after our wedding”

” Sure? I didn’t see but my mom told me that the wisdom while overflowing had a left a scar”
“Shall I ask my mom again?”
“Certainly not. I don”t want a bigger scar to sit on my head”

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