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The law of motions

If your son nods his head vertically agreeing with every stupid words of yours, don’t boast that he is the best son in the world. You have made him a coward, if he doesn’t disagree with you at least on a few occasions. Push him out to play with his friends, to get beaten and to beat others. To get scolds and to scold others.
He will improve and his head will start its horizontal to and fro movements. Earlier you do it, better for him. He is growing. He will stand on his own legs. He doesn’t need your spoon feeding. You can retire comfortably.
If there is no change in him , I advice take him to a psychiatrist .
And if there is no change in you, better you meet with a psychiatrist .
A danger is hiding behind the haystack, if you ignore now. His vertical head motion will stop the moment you ask him to marry a girl of your choice and the horizontal mode will start. The vertical actions start again, the moment he marries a girl of his choice and only before her.
His horizontal head shakes ,stored safely on the Desktop, will open only when he meets you.
So, decide now and act. I decided long ago and enjoy the fruits now,

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