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“You know cooking?”
“Somewhat. Shall learn more from you, when I become your friend’s daughter in law”
“Smart girl. You guessed, just seeing my face that I am a culinary expert”
“Not seeing your face uncle. Hearing your question. You didn’t have any thing better to ask a prospective bride”
“Our RAMU is a gentle man to core. He hasn’t, so far, looked at the face of a woman other than his mom and sisters”
“And me, uncle”
“Wonder how?”
“We are friends for the past two years”
“Then why all this thamasha of meeting with the girl etc, before marriage?”
“Raju’s parents are unaware of our relationship”
“Relationship? Don’t say that you are already married!”
“I have to, uncle. We have a two year old child”
“Shiva, Shiva! I quit. Why did Subbu ask me to join him for this visit?”
“He didn’t uncle. You volunteered”
“You seems to know everything through Ramu. I’m quitting . Before leaving, let me ask you one more question. You know preparation Paruppu kanji”
“No uncle. I can prepare Thathukkothooppan”
“What on earth is this?. I’m hearing that name for the first time”
“A Thai special. Ramu loves it”
“Ok. You carry on. I have some work in the next street”
“Will you come back soon uncle?”
“For what?”
“To taste my Thathukkothooppan ”

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