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A copy/paste story or something beyond that?

I like pet animals, not in my house.
“Why don’t you have a pet dog to give you company?”
A friend asked me some time ago, when I was in my home at Hyderabad. I showed him my iPad and told him,” No other friend is needed when
I have this with me”
That was a mistake, I realized this morning. It is not always safe to depend on electronic gadgets alone for company
Soon after I get up every morning, I open the main door and worship the Divine Lamp in the Sky, mostly silently with folded hands and at times with a Sanskrit prayer. It was raining this morning in our colony in New Jersey and the Sun was entering the sky with an umbrella. I could not therefore see the face of the self Luminary.  Still, I did my prayers.
For a few minutes I worked on my iPad . Suddenly, a cat sprang from nowhere and attacked me, concentrating its eyes on my right hand. A woman could pounce on me; a dog could pounce on me but not a cat! That was my understanding but I was wrong.
Having failed in my attempts to push the ferocious four-legged back, I sought the help of my daughter in law, a lover of cats, puppies and squirrels and also my son.
I never doubt the efficiency of my daughters in law, having seen from close quarters the way they manage their hubbies, who were my sons, before they became their husbands. Anjana pushed the cat with one hand, pulled my right hand and pressed my index finger on the nose of the little unfriendly animal.
You will not believe, the cat went back, throwing an unpleasant look at me.
“Appa, you were using your fingers for copy/ paste in the iPad. The cat mistook your hand for a mouse and attacked. It is not a big issue”
Even for a short period, even partially we should not become animals, big or small.
But, is that possible?
No man can rise to the height of Shri Rama or Shri Krishna but every human is a Narasimha, half man and half lion. Depending on the basic nature and circumstances, he may turn half man and half horse, crocodile, pig, mouse, cow or cat or any other animal form, in the half portion of the body and mind. He might even turn to almost complete animal with minimum element of human hood in him.
A very few men at some moment or other, might reach very close to the zenith of human hood, but none become a perfect human.
In the rare event of a human becoming a perfect human being in all respects, he becomes a part of the Divinity

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