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From a Facebook friend

“SP, I’m your Facebook friend. I like your Ammalu stories. Awesome those are!  I like them “
“Thank you, madam”
“In fact, all your posts are awesome. I like every one of those”
“Thanks again, madam”
“And wah ! what  wonderful pictures, you post!  I like each and every one of those”
“I’m indebted to you madam, for liking every post of mine.  Where do you live, madam?”
“In Hyderabad, SP”
“Excited. I too live in Hyderabad. Can we meet some time?”
“We have met, SP”
“We have met? When was that, madam?”
“Some fifty years ago, when you came to our house along with your parents for the marriage alliance. Every one in my family liked you”
“Then what happened, madam?”
“I didn’t like you”
Cartoon courtesy: RamKi
Like dislike cartoon


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