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Ammalu is always right

It is all about letter writing.
“Can you spare a few minutes for me, please?”
“To pull water from the well or to wet- grind for iddli, Ammalu?”
“A much simpler task..I have recovered a few handwritten letters from the archives. I will read the caption; you tell me the context. None of my friends could give me the correct answer. I’m sure you will, being the most knowledgeable among us”
“Thank you for accepting my knowledge status. Go ahead”
“Letter 1:
At the top center, the word OHM is written big.On the top left, the word ,’safe’ and on the top right, name of the place and below that the date.The letter starts with “‘Respected Madam’ and ends with ‘I remain, will remain ever, YOURS MOST OBEDIENT”
“It is a leave application, the promise of future obedience was unnecessary though.”
” Thank you.
Letter 2:
OHM in the top center, Below that ‘Mahaganapathayae namah’ and below that ‘avignamashtu’.,invocation to Lord Ganesh to remove obstacles. Below that ‘Sri Cherunetturi Bagavathy Sahayam’ invocation to the family deity seeking Her blessings for the success of the task in hand.. The four corners of the letter is yellowish, probably due to the the turmeric touch. The contents, I shall read latter”
“No need to take the trouble of reading the content. It is a marriage invitation . For your wedding,your father didn’t spend a pie for printing invitations and he posted post cards.That is why, you could not identify a marriage invitation letter”
” Thanks again, for remembering my father.
Letter 3: No caption.
In big letter,” My life savior, save me, save me! I’m sinking in an unfathomable, boundary-less ocean. Save me, Oh, Savior!
Below that pencil sketches of eye drops falling.’
” Ammalu,Some cranky fellow would have posted that letter in the letter box expecting that it would be delivered to the God. The world is never short of
undiluted idiots”
“Thanks again.
Letter 4:
This is on a stamp paper.
“Me——-, son of Sri.——–, now living in house no.—–in a village called —-under the Revenue territory of ——–, in —–Taluk, which was a part of —-Taluk, now a part of—–, in —-state, hereby solemnly declare that I”ll, from the moment this documented is signed by both the parties, self attested and registered,shall abide by all the conditions, stipulations, directions, orders in writing or verbal and————. — It goes like that”
“Ignore. Seems to be some legal document, Ammlau”
“Could be. Thank you. Now Letter 5:
pranamams or salutations :
I fall at the feet of your revered father..
I touch the feet of your most revered mother.
My salutations to other elders, in your family, living or left or likely to leave in the near future,
My salutations to the eight corners of your house.
My salutations to your main gate, entrance door, cattle shed, well and ventilators. And last but not least, my salutations to the soil on which you tread your lotus feet”
” Ammalu,this is from a samskrita hymn, Pranamasathakam. An ardent devotee would have written to his Ishtadevatha, favorite deity”
“Wrong, my dear husband wrong.. All these were the love letters, you had sent to your real or imaginary girl friends, during your college days. I too mistook those for wedding invitation, leave application etc till I picked up one, with a prominent central title, ‘LOVE LETTER’, artistically bordered and each letter painted in different colors.
I have not seen or heard about an young man prominently writing ‘love letter’ in the message he sends to his lover”
”Sorry, Ammalu, I agree that I should not have written those words in block letters”

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