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Be a smart husband; learn to tell lies, if–

After serving in Dubai for three years, when he returned home for vacation, he brought two golden necklaces, one each for his mother and wife.

 “Pick up one, mom “, he pleaded, handing over both the jewels to his mother, “the first choice, yours”
 “I like both”, said the avaricious old woman, “I will keep both. In your next trip, bring one for your wife”
 The obedient son instantly agreed without turning towards his wife. Husbands should be like him!.

“Don’t worry, my dear”‘ he consoled her gracefully, “when my mother leaves this world, you can have both the chains”
“You think she is a fool to leave back her jewels?” Asked the angry wife.
“No loss?”, consoled the tactful husband,” when you go to her world, you can demand your chain”
” you think I’m a fool to go to the same world?” Quipped the angry wife.
” You are not a fool; my mother too is not a fool “, agreed the loving husband. ” I’m the fool. I should have given both the necklaces 
to my spare wife in Dubai, instead of bringing here”. Husbands should be like him!
Silence for two minutes. Not a leaf moved in the garden.
“The choice is yours”, said the kind old woman, placing both the necklaces on the palm of her affectionate daughter in law.
“No, mom. You being the elder, you should have the preference”, said the humble daughter in law.
 They shared the jewels.
That evening, the old woman braided the hairs of the younger one and the junior massaged the legs of the senior.
Absolute peace prevailed in the family.
Moral of the story: Be a smart husband; learn to tell lies, if both your mother and  wife are living together.
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