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The problem an over-obedient wife can create

The problems an over-obedient wife can create for you- just for fun. Read and forget, don’t carry home.
”Good morning, Sir. May I come in? I came to join your yoga class.”
“Please come in and take your seat. You look a bit worried. Anything wrong?”
“Nothing. I dropped my key ring. Looking around for someone to pick it up for me”
”It is there, on the carpet, right under your leg”
“Usually, I call my wife to pick up things which I drop inadvertently”
” But your wife is not here. That lady, coming out of the kitchen with your coffee is my wife and she won’t pick up your key ring. In fact, I pick from the floor everything she drops and there is a reason for that. Shall I pick up the key for you?”
“No Sir, I will do it”
”Have you sprained your neck?”
“No, Sir”
“Your teeth are in friendly terms with the gums?”
“Yes, Sir”
”If you are absolutely certain that your head or teeth won’t fall off when you bend, why are you hesitating to bow down and pick up the key?”
”No hesitation. I ‘m not used to. That is all. Anyway, I have picked up my key now ”
“Stand up on the floor, drop the key again and pick up. Drop and pick up like that, twenty times in two minutes”
“The yoga class has already started?”
“Yes. It has.”
“With no prayers, no pranayamam practice?”
“Yes. That is my way of teaching. If you dislike my teaching, you may withdraw”
“No, Sir. I won’t withdraw. Shall I drop the key again?”
”No need, if the count suggested is over. Go home, do everything on your own and don’t seek your wife’s help”
“But my wife is a very kind and considerate woman. She won’t allow me to do any of my personal routines”
“can you change her habit?”
”Has any husband succeeded in changing the habits of his woman?”
“Wise and valid question. Then, have another wife who will sit on your head, and not at your feet waiting for the fall of the car key”
“Has any husband been able to change his wife on his own volition?”
“Another wise and valid question. Remember one thing. Your wife is turning her body and soul fit like a fiddle by performing all physical activities at home while you are only blotting and aging faster than her. You know what happens if you age faster than your wife?”
“Now, you are asking me a wise and valid question, Sir. She might go away from me and sit on the head of someone else”
”Yes. You want that to happen?”
“No Sir”
“Then go home and–”
“Drop my car key twenty times and pick it up within two minutes, three times a day”
” Yes. The class went on well today. You can come again next Sunday. See you. Good bye”
”Sir I dropped the key again, inadvertently”
” I see. It has now become a habit for you. Don’t practice the same exercise at home and don’t wait till next Sunday. Come tomorrow itself by walk, so that there is no possibility of dropping the car key”
“Five miles by walk?”
”Yes, let me see whether that too becomes a habit. If so, you don’t need any yoga classes”
”And my caring and considerate wife will have no part in my walk thereby no chance of her become younger than me”
“Your mind too has become brighter by my lessons. Have always that fear so that you both will lead an active life”
”Isn’t it that fear behind your habit of picking up everything your wife drops on the floor, Sir ?”
“You said it”

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