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Ammalu is always right

“I had to bow my head in shame when Ammini asked,’what are you doing all the time sitting at home SP Sir? Braiding Ammalu’s hair?”

“Was Nair there, when she chided you?”

“Yes, he was there”

“And he didn’t say a word to support you?”

“No, he was busy braiding Ammini’s hair”

“How intelligent Ammini is! That is how one woman helps another woman, one wife helps another wife. That is how they teach husbands like you, through visual and verbal aids. Yesterday, observing a wound in my hand she decided to tell you, to help me. Her questing to you was in fact, a suggestion, a request.”

“How did she knew the time of my visit, to ask Nair to sit behind, holding her hair? Or was he sitting behind her, right from the morning to give a visual effect?”

”Why didn’t you ask her that question on the spot, instead of bending your head in shame, when she asked you, were you sitting braiding your wife, the whole day?

A tiger before me, you turn into a mouse before Ammini”

”Ammalu, why all these visual and verbal weapons and virtual attacks on me. You could have asked Ammini to braid your hair till your wound is healed “

“I wanted Ammini to enjoy her husband sitting behind and balding her hair”

“Oh, that is how one woman helps other; one wife helps another wife!”

“You got it right. The comb is in the first drawer of the mirror table”

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