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Ammalu is always right

“When two straight lines , you and me intercept, an angle is formed. When your mom joins, there will be only wrangle, not angle, Ammalu”
“Wrong. We two produce just one angle, gaze up , keeping our mouth open, wondering  what to do. Then comes my great mother, just places her blessed hands on us and lo and behold, two more angles are formed, the vacuum has vanished, a meaningful triangle is formed. I can talk volumes about that form with three straight lines, three angles, three apex”
“Oh, that is poetry and geometry ! Halt there please! Don’t encroach on the mystical land of Philosophy”
“You should have  mentioned about our children to complete the vacuum in our life. They form , along with us, rectangle, polygon, hexagon etc. But in your anxiety to drag my mother, you allowed your thoughts to go crooked.That resulted in the distortion of your vision”
“That is Physics, Ammalu, my Major for Bsc”
“When  the crucible in your head gets heated up and the substance in it evaporates, I have to give an ice bath– “
“Chemistry now?”
“No science at all. Simple logic”
“Logic now?”
‘My learned husband! I am not qualified to teach you any Science or Art subjects . What I told now is simple common sense”
“When there is nothing common in between us how can you pass on sense to me, my intelligent wife?”
”Nothing common between us? Think of those straight lines in the formation of rectangle, pentagon. Hexagon etc”
“My mother in law, not there ?”
“Not at all”
“Now I understood your poetry, geometry, physics, chemistry “
‘Even philosophy?”
“Yes, even philosophy”
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