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Ammalu is always right

“I like my picture and that was why I posted it on the wall of my face book”
“No question asked. the problem comes only when you ask me to ‘like’ it”
“You don’t like me, Ammalu?”
“I do. But that doesn’t mean I should ‘like’ your picture on the Facebook”
” you are ashamed to tell others that you like me?”

“No, not at all. Our like or dislike is purely personal within the walls of our house, within our two hearts. It is not for
Public display or discussion.
If a FB friend who knows you well, makes a comment, ‘like SP? For what?’, what do I write?”. It will be very embarrassing for you and me .
Now, tell me should I ‘like’?”
“Oddu, Thalli, oddu. You don’t come anywhere near my Facebook page. Show  your face to me once a while, when I am at home. That is more than enough”
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